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The West Falmouth Library Music and Murder Radio Hour Sunday Show
Travel back to the 1940s in this all-new – and very silly – Zoom-based variety show, written by Lisa Jo Rudy, a Not My Monkey’s Production. You are the studio audience at WFL Radio! The West Falmouth Library Music and Murder Radio Hour will be performed twice, Saturday, May 15th at 7pm and Sunday, May 16th at 4pm. Tickets are $20 per performance. Tickets can be purchased by check, made out to West Falmouth Library, mail to P.O. Box 1209, West Falmouth, MA 02574

To order tickets online visit

How The Night Will Go!

Meet your host, Dan Tritle (of WCAI fame) Hear from your “sponsors,” with ads for products like Donkey Glue, Blushing Maiden Cologne, Larded Atoms, and more Enjoy musical interludes from local talents including Katie Koglin, the Backdoor Trio, and Kimberley Emerald Then join your host Mark Pearson (Executive Director of CLOC) in tonight’s Murder Mystery: Murder at the Van Snort Mansion!

Roland Van Snort, Broadway Producer, is closing his production of The Mikado, starring his three lovely daughters – Betty, Angela, and Vanessa. Betty is convinced that someone in the play or theater staff is out to get her sister Vanessa during a weekend at the Van Snort mansion. She convinces gumshoe Joe Carter to take the case. But even Joe is baffled by the clues, red herrings, and general silliness he encounters. Can you solve the case before Joe does?

Show Host: Dan Tritle

Onscreen “Backstage Crew”: Peter Cook, Lisa Jo Rudy

Musical Performers:

Glen Carliss, Andy Troyanas, and Roger Gamache: The Backyard Trio Katie Koglin Kimberly Emerald Advertising Ensemble:

Tom Pucci (Writer) Sandra Basile Michael White Pat Farrell Carol MacManus (Writer) Ryan Carey Murder Mystery Host: Mark Pearson

Murder Mystery Cast

Robert Bock –Joe Carter, Private Eye Diane Quaid –Betty Van Snort Bonnie Thorpe –Vanessa Van Snort Anne Richards –Angela Van Snort Rob Bowerman – Roland Van Snort, Producer Robin Bowerman – Letitia Van Snort, wife of Roland Susan Carliss – Greta Grabow Mike Fishbein – Sir Niles Griswold Tor Clark –Angus MacPhergus Dan McSweeney – Frank Lisecki, The Director Bernadette Ruskey – Jane Smith, Mr. Van Snort’s personal assistant

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