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Is there intelligent life beyond Earth? If so, what is it like? And will we ever be able to meet them? These are among the most important questions that humans can ever ask! Join us here at the Cotuit Library as Don Nardo discusses UFOs and life beyond Earth in honor of this year’s Summer Reading Program. This program is free but please register at or contact the Library. (more)
This month’s hour long, in- house tech class for adults is for people looking to understand more about how to use and navigate FaceBook. Learn about posting, connecting with friends and family, setting up your Privacy Settings, and more.... (more)
NY Times bestselling Author Michael Tougias will appear at The Orleans Historical Society on June 27, 2019. He will give a two part multi-media presentation. The first part covers his new book U- Boats So Close To Home: A True Story of an American Family’s Fight for Survival During WWII.... (more)
One of the most influential experiments in the history of embryology was the Spemann Mangold Organizer experiment (1924), where a small piece of light pigmented newt embryo, taken from the dorsal side of the gastrula, was implanted into the ventral side of a differently pigmented host.... (more)
For more than forty years, NASA missions have explored Mars, the Red Planet, with orbiters, landers and rovers.  It's the planet most like our own with dust devils, giant dormant volcanoes and a thin atmosphere.... (more)
Scientists often depend exclusively on so-called model organisms, such as fruit flies, mice, and frogs, for their research. While investigation of these animals has led to incredible advances in both basic and translational biology, they represent only a tiny slice of the diversity of life on earth.... (more)
Join West Falmouth Library and Quaker Meetinghouse for a talk, tour, and a reception to celebrate one of West Falmouth’s founding families: The Bowermans and the Bowmans, Wednesday, July 10th, 6-9:30pm at the Library.... (more)
On: July 14, 2019 at 2 pm At: Atwood House & Museum – Home of the Chatham Historical Society 347 Stage Harbor Road; Chatham, MA 02633 Join the Atwood House and Museum for an exciting lecture about the first eleven-day, manned orbital flight of the Apollo 7, a command module.... (more)
Please join us at West Falmouth Library for a free talk and research presentation by S. Jeffress Williams, USGS Senior Scientist Emeritus, Wednesday, July 17th at 7pm. The topic is “Cape Cod Geology and Coastal Processes Under Changing Climate.” The Library is located at 575 West Falmouth Highway. Mr.... (more)
Cephalopods, with their large brains and elaborate behaviors, offer a rare opportunity to tackle both singular and general problems of neuroscience, such as texture perception, motor control, neural circuit design and complex challenges of machine vision, in animals that diverged from the vertebrate lineage close to 700 million years ago.... (more)
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